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Extended Lessons

***All of this information is in the packet you will receive or pick up on Tuesday, March 31st!

Hello again to my sweet families!

Here we go with week number 2!  

I know this is not easy, but you all are doing an amazing job! I truly miss each of you and look forward to the day we can be in our classroom together! 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.  My plan this week is to once again give my students some assignments that will be familiar to them as well as new lessons.  I will also include some “extra” sheets for any of you who would like more to do! These will not have to be turned in at the end of the week.

My email is and I will be checking it often.  I would love to hear from you all to see how you are doing!

Send the work back to school in the ziplock bag I have provided.  

Assignments for March 30th-April 3rd:

Hi fabulous students! You are awesome, and we will get through this together!  Each day I want you to continue our morning warm-up routine:

  1. Daily Language Review (DLR) -Do one section a day Monday-Friday. (turn in)

  1. Journal Writing -I have provided paper stapled together for this activity. (turn in)

Monday Journal- Write a letter to Mr. Maass about what you love about Oglesby Elementary School.

Dear _______________,

I love Oglesby Elementary because __________________________.

(Reason #2) ___________________________________________.

(Reason #3) ___________________________________________.

(Reason #4) ___________________________________________.

                                    Your student,  


Tuesday Journal- Write a paragraph to tell what you know about Mrs. Smith. 

All About Mrs.Smith 

Did you know that _____________________________?

First of all, _________________________________.

This means that ______________________________.

Also, ______________________________________.

This means that _____________________________.

Finally, ____________________________________.

This means that _____________________________.

Wednesday Journal- Who do you think should get paid more, athletes or scientists?  I think __________________ should be paid more because ________________________.  

Give three reasons.


2. _____________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________


Thursday Journal- Write a story about a frog who forgot how to hop.  Draw pictures and use thought and speech bubbles. 

(One day, Then, Next, Then, After, Finally)

Friday Journal- “Freewrite Friday”-Write about anything you want! (at least 5 sentences)

4. Math Minutes (turn in)

Monday-Math Minute 28, Tuesday-Math Minute 29, Wednesday-Math Minute 30, Thursday-Math Minute 31, Friday-Math Minute 32


Here are the rest of the assignments I want you to complete during this week:

 Story Comprehension: Can a snake back out of a hole? (turn in) You can underline or highlight the answers for #1,#4,#6.

 Reading/Language Arts: Read the book or books I have included in the ziplock bag and be sure to return it next week.  Using this book, fill out the book report sheet. (turn in)

 Math: I’m sending home a fact sheet.  Have someone time you for two minutes. Try one side on one day and save the other side for another day.(do not turn  in)

Last week, I sent home a geometry lesson on two-dimensional shapes .  This week we will look at three-dimensional shapes. (3-D shapes) 

Look at the 3 pictures to learn new words: face, edge, vertice.

Look through the 6 three-dimensional shapes and their names.   Some are kind of funny, I know!  Notice these shapes have mass 

 and take up space.  For example…..a sphere is like a ball, a rectangular prism is like a kleenex box, and a cylinder is like a can of soup.    

 Use the pictures I have cut out, and stack them on the 6 different types of shapes. For example, put the plant on sphere 

 and the present on cube. (do not turn in) 

 Complete Math Lesson 15.1- Only do the problems I have circled. (turn in)

  ***I have included a word problem page….I did a few for you.   Try your best to do the rest. (turn in)

Science: The Solar System Scavenger Hunt!  Place the 18 cards around your room or house and do your own scoot.  Use the cards to answer the questions on the sheet. Just try your best!! (turn in) 

 If you have access to youtube with the help of an adult, watch the videos: 

“Our Solar System” by Freeschool 11:55

“All About the Sun” by Freeschool 4:57


Johnny Can Spell:  Use the notepad from Mr. Smith or any paper to write the new spelling words for this week.  Write them two times each. Then, write a sentence using each word. (turn in)

**I can’t put the words on here because I am not able to do the “think to spell” markings.

Cursive:  I am sending home a copy of all the lowercase and capital letters for you to practice.  I will also send some words and sentences. You can even try to write your “Johnny” words in cursive! (do not turn in but be sure to practice)

****I am including a couple extra sheets for extra practice, if you are looking for more to do! These do not have to be turned, but are good for keeping busy and reviewing skills!




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