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Courtney Bauer

Welcome to my online classroom. 

Giving Back

Distance Learning Engaging Activities

Contest prep for Veterinary Science, Livestock Judging, Milk Quality, Range Plant Identification - Create flashcards or quizlet for questions, study identification 

1 day a week community service. It can even be at your house. Make dog toys from old T-shirt (YouTube) and bring back to school to donate. Pick up a sack of trash on the road by you. Get creative! Send a picture of your community service project to the Oglesby FFA Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page

1 day a week employability skill: resume, cover letter, dress professional and send a picture to the Oglesby FFA Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page. 

If you showed an animal, gather all your receipts and figure out your expenses for your project to build your record book.

Watch a Ted Talk, How Stuff Works, or Dirty Jobs and send an eight sentence summary to the Oglesby FFA Facebook or Twitter pag . Drop the link to share with others what you watched.

Check out Goal Cast on YouTube and share your favorite motivational speech to the Oglesby FFA Facebook page with your take away thoughts.

Good deeds:  cook dinner for your family once a week, read to siblings, or find some other way to do good deeds safely and responsibly and share with the class what you are doing on the Oglesby FFA Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. 


For individual subjects, click the course title below. Students will utilize the website to complete the assignments for the week.  If you do not remember your log in information, please promptly email Mrs. Wilde at

Courtney Bauer

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