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Jan Hall

Spanish /Communications (Public Speaking) Teacher

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Contact Info:


About Me

Educational History:

Tolar High School – graduated 1970

Tarleton State University – granduated 1993

Degrees and Certifications:

Degree is in English/ LA minor in Spanish and Home Economics and Family consumer Science

Certified in Elemenary 1-6 but I have not updated certificate.

GT Gertified

PALS Certified


Professional Development:

Over the past 20 years I have gone to many professional development workshops, conferences.

Current Position:

I started teaching in Oglesby in 2009.  I taught Family Consumer Sciences, Spanish and English during the 5 years I was in Oglesby.  In 2014 I retired from teaching to help my aging mother.   I worked several different places before I had the opportunity to return to Oglesby to teach Spanish  on a part time basis.  I love teaching and I love the students and faculty at Oglesby.  

Previous Position:

I married the summer I graduated from High School and attended Tarleton State University for 1 year before I had my first chlld.   I returned to Tarleton for another year after my son was born, then we moved and I was too busy and Tarleton was too far away.   When my daughter graduated from High School I returned to my studies.  I graduated from Tarleton in 1993 just 2 days before my 1st grandchild was born.  I had a full time substitute position for that Spring semester then started teaching Family Consumer Sciences and Spanish the Fall semester of 1994 in Ranger Texas.   We moved again and I taught Family Consumer Sciences, Spanish, PALS, and English in Hawley, Texas.  I taught in Hawley for 9 years before moving to Eula ISD.   I taught Family Consumer Sciences in Eula for 2 years.  In 2008 we moved and I taught Family Consumer Sciences, English, and Reading in Jonesboro before moving to Oglesby.  Teaching has changed very much since I began, but I enjoy teaching and challenging students to succeed.



Family Information:

I have been maried for 49 years.  My husband is a minister and a reserve in the Sheriff’s Department.  We each have activities we enjoy alone  and working together.  We have moved numerous times in our marriage and we have enjoyed each place we lived as we gathered friends along the way.  We have 3 children:  J.J. Anderson,  Justin Hall and James Hall. they have blessed us with 5 grandchildren:  Ryan with wife Kassidy,  Andy with wife Sabrina,  Lesli . Jimmy and John.  The past few years we have enjoyed J.J. and Justin’s families living in Gatesvillle.  We all go to church together.  Justing works as the yourth minister.   We have Sunday lunch together and have really enjoyed this time of bonding.  I enjoy my family, church and working in my house and yard.  I LOVE flowers and plants and the mystery of how anyone could design such beauty.  We have 1 dog, Sadie.   Sadie is ½  dauchshund ½ beagle and very spoiled.  She loves to take walks and be in the front yard.  When we are gone she sits at the front window and guards the neighborhood.   Hopefully one day I will have the time to register her ti be able to take her to hospitals and nursing homes to visit as she loves people.

Personal Information:

I love reading and movies however the house and yard which I also love seems to take most of my time.   I teach Bible Classes and help with church activties.   I enjoy going places with my husband, children and grandchildren.  At home my faithful companion is Sadie.  She stays right with me whatever I am doing.   She especially likes to naps with me.

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