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Corey Wright

Math Teacher

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2:38 to 3:25

About Me

Degrees and Certifications:

My Degree is a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics, and I am fully certified to teach Math to grades 8-12

Current Position:

I began teaching in Oglesby just before Thanksgiving in 2013 and am now in my seventh year teaching Mathematics here at Oglesby Isd. I teach grades 8-12 starting with 8th grade math going through Algebra, Geometry, and Precalculus

Previous Position:

Oglesby is my first teaching position. Prior to this I have worked an odd assortment of jobs ranging from retail to manufacturing and many things in between.

Family Information:

I am single. I have a twin brother, and we are not identical. As my last name is Wright I have heard almost every variation on a Wright Brothers joke.

Personal Information:

I have a few hobbies. I am an avid reader I consider it an odd choice to not be reading at least one book at any point in your life. I also play numerous video games primarily League of Legends at the time being. I play guitar fairly poorly but being bad at something is certainly no reason not to keep trying. When I am not teaching, odds are I am either glued to a computer screen or a book

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Cell Phone:
Conference Time:
2:38 to 3:25